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Anschutz | 54 Action 22LR Scope Rail - Product Review
Item: ANS-16005  In Stock
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Rick H.
Review Date: 1/31/2019
I bought this ANS-16005 rail for my Anschutz 2013 BR-50 rifle. After purchasing this rifle I discovered rails are rarer than hens teeth for it and I wanted to use Picatinny scope mounts, so on a lark I ordered this DIP rail hoping it would work. I wasn't disappointed at all. I used the "lock-down" set screws as the rifle isn't drill and tapped and it works terrifically. The rail is tight and the scope is tight. I couldn't be happier, unless DIP eventually makes a specific rail for this rifle. As my kids used to say, "It's the bomb!" An outstanding product made by DIP! Rick H.
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