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Trigger Guard Installation Instructions
M70/795 Aluminum Trigger Guard
Item: 15028  In Stock
| Manufacturer: DIP, inc
MSRP: $49.97 Your Price: $45.97
At long last a truly great upgrade! No more cracked or broken plastic Marlin Papoose, M70 or 795 *trigger guards. CNC'ed from 6061 billet and then anodized for a fantastic looking finish. Easy to install with the on-line instructions. Includes a threaded pin kit designed just for the Marlin M70 & 795 to make the safety and trigger swap from your old Marlin M70 or 795 trigger guard a breeze. Fits Marlin model 795 or Papoose and similar models with one piece plastic trigger guard/mag well.

1 - Safety Pin
1 - Trigger Pivot Pin
1 - Trigger Limit Pin
4 - Washers
1 - Over Travel Set Screw

Replaces factory part number  507278(guard ONLY)

*Works with or without the Last Shot Hold Open(LSHO) lever
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
Shipping Weight: 0.15 lbs
Average Rating
 4.75 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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Recent Reviews
Reviewed By: Jay A.
Review Date: 3/13/2015
Comments: I have this trigger guard installed on my Marlin 795, 70ps and 70pss. The quality of these products is so superb that I order them with every new gun build project I start (trash the plastic trigger and guard). Coupled with the target trigger and bolt han...
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Reviewed By: Kevin A.
Review Date: 10/31/2014
Comments: Just received trigger guard in the mail... better than the plastic guard... so I ordered another trigger guard for my son's marlin papoose Thanks DIPinc. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed By: Bill K.
Review Date: 10/4/2014
Comments: The plastic trigger guard on my two year old Papoose cracked, after being removed only a few times for cleaning. Last week Marlin told me they do not have this part in stock, advised I check out big name parts suppliers online, where surprise, surprise, ...
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Reviewed By: marco
Review Date: 6/19/2014
Comments: Hey, this trigger guard is great compared to the cheap plastic one that came with my marlin 795. I know this will last as long as the gun does. It won't break and the install was easy, 10 mins.

Reviewed By: ryan b.
Review Date: 2/27/2013
Comments: I broke my original plastic trigger guard for the Marlin 795 the first time i cleaned it, haha, so got on this website and bought this new black aluminum one. I havent installed it yet but it fits perfectly and is strong as can be. Shipped very fast and I...
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