Diversified Innovative Products - FAQ


  • Insurance Will be added for ALL orders over $20
Because of Lost/Stolen/Damaged packages we are now forced to add an insurance charge to all orders including FREE shipping. The additional cost will be:
$2.30 for up to $99.99 and $1.30 additional per each $100 value(i.e. order total = $117.23 add $3.60, if the total = $203.96 add $4.90)
  • When will my order be shipped?

Most all in stock items ordered BEFORE 4pm Pacific Time will be shipped the same business day. 

  • Will I received a tracking number?
No sorry, tracking numbers are not available but you will receive an email "shipped" notification.

  • How long before I receive my order?
Shipping times vary depending on where you live and the method you selected:
First Class - 3-5 days
Priority - 2-4 days
Express - 2 days
Parcel Select(ground) - 8-12 days

  • When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will NOT be charged until your order is processed and ready to ship. 

  • I placed my order and my credit card shows I've already been charged?

Our credit card processor checks to verify if the funds are available so when you check online immediately after placing your order it will appear as "pending", this is not a charge. If your order does not ship within 4-6 businesses day for whatever reason(backordered items), this will disappear from your credit card online statement. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is processed and shipped. 

  • What is the status of my order? 
You can "Log-In" to the web site and check your order:
Shipped = In transit to you
Pending = Ready to ship
Back-Ordered = Waiting for items in your order 

  • Do you accept PayPal? 

No, we do NOT accept PP because of their anti-firearm policy. 

  • The item I'm interested in is listed as "Back-Order"
We accept back-orders for any items on the web site except for those on the "Clearance Corner" web page. Most back-orders, with the exception of the CZ or Anschutz trigger guards, ship in 30 days or less.  

  • Limited Production items, i.e. CZ and Anschutz Trigger Guards

The Anschutz and CZ trigger guards are produced every few months. If you would like one it is best to place your back-order and when they are available your order will be filled. You will NOT be charged until your order is ready to ship. We will not give a completion date so please don't call and ask.  

  • How tall is your scope mount for my rifle?
Most all dovetail scope mounts have the height they add to the top of the receiver listed on the web page.  

  • I noticed my standard scope rail has a slight taper to it?
All our standard rimfire rails have 5MOA built in so that your scope is near to it's center adjustment at a 100yrd zero with target ammo.

  • How much does it cost to ship my order?

Shipping cost start at under $7 and orders over $99 ship FREE when you select Free during check-out, with the exception of Limited Production and over sized items like the CZ trigger Guards or Boyd's Gun Stocks as they need to be shipped in an oversized box.  

  • My order was over $99 and it shows "Free Shipping" but I has charged a small "S&H fee"?

The small shipping fee(generally $2-3) is the cost for insurance. The shipping companies no longer take responsibility for lost packages. So we are forced to charge for insurance.  

  • My order has some items on "Back-Order", will I be charged twice for shipping?
You have the option to "Ship Complete" during check-out so when the back-ordered items arrive in stock your "Complete Order" will be shipped at that time with only one shipping charge.  

  • My order total was over $99 but I had back-ordered items so I selected "Ship Ahead" and I was charged shipping?

If you choose "Ship Ahead" and the total for those items is less than $99 this is the same as placing two(2) orders under $99ea. 

    • I tried to register but my country was not listed so the registration failed?

    As stated on the Home page we do not ship internationally at this time. 

    • The picture of my item has engraving, but the item I received does not.

    Some items are engraved for web photos only. Some items are engraved as listed in the items main description and you can request "engraved" or "not" engraved during checkout if you have a preference and we will try to honor your request. 

    • The picture of my item is slightly different than what I received?
    Most photos on the web sight are "file photos" and can very slightly from what is pictured.

    • I sent an e-mail 20 seconds ago and have not received a response(yes we get these) from a real person?

    Like every other company that is firearm related we receive a large volume of emails every day. While we try our best to answer them within 2-3 business days sometimes it takes longer. We are people too and often times take the weekend(or holiday) off for some personal time(or just to get some sleep). As much as a few customers would like us to work 24/7 we are not machines.  

    • I sent an e-mail but did not receive a reply after almost a week?

    Sometimes e-mails fall through the cracks(our apologies) but PLEASE check your spam/junk folders. We often find this is where a lot of emails end up because we are not listed in the customers address books. Also if you are using Earthlink(or a similar e-mail service) that requires a response from us before they will accept in-coming e-mails we do not have the staff or time to sign-up so you can receive e-mails, sorry. 

    • I see a scope mount(rail) listed as 25MOA, what does that mean?
    25MOA (minutes of angle) means the mount has a slope built in so you can set your scopes "zero" all the way out to 300yrds when you practice with 22 long rifle target ammo. However because of the added slope the 25MOA limits how close you can "zero" to about 50yrds with most scopes.

    • I think I received a Blem by mistake?
    Blems are often imperfections that are visible when the part is installed on the firearm as per the "Clearance Corner" description. Engraving errors that are NOT visible when installed are not considered Blems.

    • I noticed my ordered was canceled? 
    This can happen for a number of reasons: 
    1)Your address could not be verified and we were unable to contact you because of missing information in your account.

    2) Incorrect price listed on the web site
    3) Clearance Corner item was "Out of Stock"
    4) You requested your order be canceled

    • How do I cancel my order?
    You will need to call the "Order Desk" to cancel your order "BEFORE" it is shipped.
    If you cancel your order "After" it shipped the shipping is non-refundable

    • My stock appears to be missing wood in the bottom metal area? 
    The holes in the bottom metal area are so close together sometimes that they encroach on each others space and this is normal. It does NOT effect the quality or performance of the stock in any way. 

    • I purchased an incorrect item, how do I return it?
    For returning any unused item contact:
    RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) at RMA@DIProductsInc.com
    All returns must be returned in new condition. Please allow up to 7 working days for an e-mail reply.
    You must return the item via USPS within 15 days from the date of the issued RMA number. UPS and FexEx returns will be charged a $20 pickup fee.

    • My RMA was returned to me unopened?
    As stated: Customer have 15 days from the date of the RMA number issue date to return the item(s) to DIP because the RMA number expires and the package will be rejected. After 15 days a new RMA number will need to be issued. UPS and FexEx returns will be charged a $20 pickup fee.

    • My item did not come with installation instructions?
    If you re-visit the items main page, most instructions are listed as a PDF just under the main image on the item page.

    Thank you for reading this page.

    DIP Staff