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453 American & Varmint 22LR Action Screw Set

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  Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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The action screw "Kit" fits the CZ 453 American & Varmint model chambered in .22 long rifle and .17 Mach 2 only. Please look at the other CZ action screw "Kits" for your model. The complete "Kit" has all the screws and features a #20 Torx(star) head drive. These are high quality custom machined in the USA with USA made raw materials. The head design is such that the screws fit almost 100% perfectly flush with the trigger guard. The star(Torx) drive allows better drive contact area for a non-slip drive every time with minimal wear on the screw and driver bit.

When bench testing your CZ we recommend you start your action screw torque at about 18 inch pounds on the 2 action screws and work up from that point 2 inch pounds at a time until you find your best group size but no more then 32-34 inch pounds. The wood screw only needs to be snug. Our experience has found that a 20 inch pound torque seems to work well for the best group size with most available ammo.

Please check the shaft length of your screws from the under side of the head to the end of the threads before making your selection:
Long Screw 1.38"(35mm)
Short Screw 1.26"(32mm)
Wood screws are all the same.

  • Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Dennis S. Review Date: 2/27/2019 Comments: I finally replaced the original slot head action screws on my CZ-453. The #20 Torx heads are perfect for using a torque wrench. I would strongly recommend them for easier disassemble and re torquing. They are a perfect fit and finish. Read All Reviews