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Item: Marlin-15000 Handles 
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: Mario Z.
Review Date: 6/29/2022
Beautiful finish can’t wait to install it fast shipping about 3-4 days

Reviewed By: Randall S.
Review Date: 3/9/2022
I picked up the omega charging handle upgrade for a marlin 60w and it was a simple drop in upgrade.....way better than the stock hook. It protrudes a bit more than the stock which is great because if you put a better than stock scope on, it's hard to get to the hook style handle. Very good product for the money.

Reviewed By: Scott V.
Review Date: 2/16/2022
Reviving my 37 year old model 60. New charging handle made a huge difference. Fit was perfect, better than the original. Arrived sooner than expected, in perfect condition.

Reviewed By: William M.
Review Date: 10/10/2021
My Atomic charging handle arrived today, fits the same as my original, which was a little loose, MISSING the Atomic ? symbol. It should be a whole lot easier to get to, especially if your scope cap is right there.

Reviewed By: Wyatt W.
Review Date: 9/22/2021
Installed on a couple different rifles - true drop in part. No filing or fitting needed at all. Went with the atomic style after trying every backyard fix suggested by various forums and none even came close to what these handles offer. Wish I'd have done this years ago! Any Marlin owner should have this on their short list of necessary upgrades. Quality is top notch and with these as an indicator of what they produce I'll be ordering more products soon! Thanks for helping make some great rifles even better!!!

Reviewed By: William S.
Review Date: 1/29/2021
I got the helical handle for my marlin 60 and its a great replacement and just really adds character to it

Reviewed By: Kirk N.
Review Date: 8/6/2020
I have a Marlin Model 6082. This part was a drop in part. No fitting at all and works like a champ. Quit fighting with the factory charging handle and get one of these.

Reviewed By: Neal S.
Review Date: 6/24/2020
Ordered the Black Atomic Charging Handle. Looks great on the old Marlin Model 60! Very pleased with this purchase. Thanks!

Reviewed By: Nicholas L.
Review Date: 5/9/2020
I went with the atomic charging handle (pre-2005), and the fit and finish is great. The functionality over the stock charging handle is night and day. Get one. Do it.

Reviewed By: Kenneth I.
Review Date: 5/6/2020
I've had my Glenfield Model 60 .22LR since it was new in 1975 (I was 14). I always kinda hated locking/unlocking the bolt, especially when my hands were cold, or when wearing gloves. When I added the scope, it was even worse. So, at the ripe old age of 59, I did a little sleuthing around on the internet to see if perhaps there was an upgrade kit available. Lo and behold, I found this (Atomic) handle, and WOW, what a difference! The extra length makes it much easier to operate, and the convex shape & knurled end make it so much easier to grip. Love this thing!
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