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Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: MARK C.
Review Date: 4/8/2021
Just finished replacing trigger guard, magazine release and mag base plate on my howa 1500 mini action in 204 Ruger with DIP Inc parts . WOW! The quality of DIP products are second to none. The trigger guard, extended mag release and mag base fit perfectly. Shipping was quick. Well worth the cost in my opinion. Glad to be rid of the plastic pieces

Reviewed By: CHARLES I.
Review Date: 3/2/2021
No more cheap plastic feeling, this thing is solid, mags are nice and secure, my bolt moves more smoothly now that I can properly torque the action without worrying about cracking the plastic bottom metal from the factory.

Reviewed By: Aaron M.
Review Date: 11/13/2020
Bought Howa mini action trigger guard and magazine catch. Fits great! Fast shipping!

Reviewed By: Martin M.
Review Date: 9/30/2020
I ordered this trigger guard after buying and installing DIP's replacement mag release on the stock trigger guard. I wasn't fully happy with the fit and function of the mag release in the stock plastic trigger guard. After installing both on my rifle, I'm very happy now. The squared trigger guard looks so much better and the increased mag release spring tension made a tremendous difference. I'm 100% satisfied. I feel adding these two items to my mini eliminated the biggest annoyance I had with Howa's design.

Reviewed By: James V.
Review Date: 9/25/2020
Fits and looks great, shipping was unbelievable fast

Reviewed By: Robert C.
Review Date: 5/21/2020
I bought two of these for my Howa Minis. The factory stock fits me well and even has aluminum pillars for the action screws. The plastic bottom "metal" became unusable after a few removals. The mag releases took a few minutes to install after watching a video. The magazines snap in and fall free better now and the fit, finish and function are first rate. This bottom metal is not cheap but it made my stock Minis usable and so the DIP pieces are good value.

Reviewed By: Victor E.
Review Date: 4/2/2020
Thanks to the video and Mark M.`s review on making a slave pin, I was able to install the new trigger guard. It was a little tedious for a 74 year old man with shaky hands, but it was doable. You can easily tell the difference in spring tension and I really like the engraving of 7.62x39 that shows. It certainly adds value to my gun. Thanks for an excellent product that is worth the money.

Reviewed By: Tony V.
Review Date: 3/29/2020
Built a Howa mini action in 6.5 Grendel for my wife to target shoot. Installed in a Boyds AT1 stock also bedded and added Atholon Ares scope on a egw 30 moa base. reduced trigger pull to 1lb. Rifle can shoot 1/2" or less groups with ease at 100 yards. However like everybody knows the weak link is the plastic trigger guard. Yes, it spilt the first time I torqued it down. What was Howa thinking? Enter DIP, installed the new trigger guard from DIP and this is now a complete rifle. Shooting 1/4" groups and able to hit steel plates at 1000 yards. Thanks for a great product. Now if you could provide magazines.

Reviewed By: Robert D.
Review Date: 1/25/2020
This is a great upgrade for the Howa mini. Replacing the plastic with aluminum is a great improvement in overall quality. Installation is simple, it fits perfectly. There is a bit of work getting the mag release transferred over, but once installed the mag release is sufficiently stiffer to minimize inadvertent mag drops. Delivery from DIPinc was really quick. This is a great buy!

Reviewed By: Daniel W.
Review Date: 12/1/2019
Well worth the money. Fit like a dream. Quality products and fast service Thank you
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