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HOWA | Howa Mini Action Trigger Guard - Product Review
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Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: Barry M.
Review Date: 11/14/2022
Great quality and perfect fit in the Bell and Carlson stock for the Howa .223 mini barreled action. Very nice finish on the bottom metal too.

Reviewed By: Jerry H.
Review Date: 9/9/2022
Howa messed up a great rifle and then DIP fixed all that. If you have a Howa with a plastic bottom change it out with this one and then you can torque the bottom metal down to 50 inch pounds like Howa wants.Metal beats plastic any day. Thanks DIP

Reviewed By: Glenn W.
Review Date: 12/12/2021
This is the second Trigger Guard I have ordered from DIP. The first one I installed for a Howa Mini-action .223 Remington with a Boyds rifle stock. It's been working flawlessly. I just picked another Mini-action and the second Trigger guard will be installed with that and a Boyds stock. The fit and finish is very clean. The only down side is installing the magazine release with spring. I would recommend using a thimble when trying to compress the spring and release to line up the pin hole. If DIP has any suggestions or instructions that would work easier it would be helpful. Also there is a small hex wrench for a hex screw to hold the pin in place.

Reviewed By: George R.
Review Date: 9/28/2021
Ecellent product with great looks and fit. Now albe to acheive metal on metal for bedding action. Extemely fast shipping. And a plus its made right here in the great Northwest. Thanks

Reviewed By: Tom W.
Review Date: 5/1/2021
Purchased a new Howa 1500 mini-action rifle and discovered that the magazine would not stay in the gun. Contacted the factory. They claimed to have solved the problem but offered me no fix. The gun was essentially useless in the field. I searched on-line and discovered the Dip fix. I ordered the trigger-guard/magazine-well, magazine-release, and an aluminum end-cap, for my one and only magazine. Now the gun is what it should have been when I opened the box. The magazine release is perfect. Can't loose the magazine even if you try. Very, very, secure. Also, the action can now be tightened down without fear of cracking the cheep-ass factory plastic. Dip; thank you.

Reviewed By: MARK C.
Review Date: 4/8/2021
Just finished replacing trigger guard, magazine release and mag base plate on my howa 1500 mini action in 204 Ruger with DIP Inc parts . WOW! The quality of DIP products are second to none. The trigger guard, extended mag release and mag base fit perfectly. Shipping was quick. Well worth the cost in my opinion. Glad to be rid of the plastic pieces

Reviewed By: CHARLES I.
Review Date: 3/2/2021
No more cheap plastic feeling, this thing is solid, mags are nice and secure, my bolt moves more smoothly now that I can properly torque the action without worrying about cracking the plastic bottom metal from the factory.

Reviewed By: Aaron M.
Review Date: 11/13/2020
Bought Howa mini action trigger guard and magazine catch. Fits great! Fast shipping!

Reviewed By: Martin M.
Review Date: 9/30/2020
I ordered this trigger guard after buying and installing DIP's replacement mag release on the stock trigger guard. I wasn't fully happy with the fit and function of the mag release in the stock plastic trigger guard. After installing both on my rifle, I'm very happy now. The squared trigger guard looks so much better and the increased mag release spring tension made a tremendous difference. I'm 100% satisfied. I feel adding these two items to my mini eliminated the biggest annoyance I had with Howa's design.

Reviewed By: James V.
Review Date: 9/25/2020
Fits and looks great, shipping was unbelievable fast
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