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HOWA | Howa Mini Action Trigger Guard - Product Review
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Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Glenn W.
Review Date: 12/12/2021
This is the second Trigger Guard I have ordered from DIP. The first one I installed for a Howa Mini-action .223 Remington with a Boyds rifle stock. It's been working flawlessly. I just picked another Mini-action and the second Trigger guard will be installed with that and a Boyds stock. The fit and finish is very clean. The only down side is installing the magazine release with spring. I would recommend using a thimble when trying to compress the spring and release to line up the pin hole. If DIP has any suggestions or instructions that would work easier it would be helpful. Also there is a small hex wrench for a hex screw to hold the pin in place.
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