795 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit - Black - Product Review
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Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: Mark M.
Review Date: 12/4/2020
A+ I received today and installed the guard and trigger, super smooth action. Easy install and the play in the trigger is completely gone Looks Great too I opted for the engraving

Reviewed By: Dennis T.
Review Date: 2/4/2020
Most Excellent trigger guard and trigger! Quality is 100%! They fit and function perfectly. Thanks for the Quality products. D.T.

Reviewed By: Brandon V
Review Date: 12/24/2019
Excellent! Very easy to install without instructions, works flawlessly with my marlin 795! Solid piece of aluminum, got my first squirrel with it the day i installed it! My only problem is it didn't come with blue loctite. Just a little container of thread locker would be great, since it dosen't use pins, but threaded alan bolts. The price is also a bit high for 2 pieces of aluminum, lol. Other than those 2 things, i couldn't be happier with my purchase! I also ordered the silver charging handle and its fantastic!

Reviewed By: Greg S.
Review Date: 6/14/2019
Installed on my Marlin 795 - difference in feel was significant. The trigger and trigger guard are well made and fitment to factory stock and receiver is excellent, resulting in much improved trigger management. Bob's hint of supporting the butt of the rifle on the leg while attaching the trigger/trigger guard assembly to the stock and receiver so that all are aligned to the rear when thew two mounting screws are installed and tightened offset the existing less than concise fit present in the Marlin sock, maximizing the overall effectiveness of the trigger replacement.

Reviewed By: Andrew M.
Review Date: 1/6/2019
Very well made worth the price .

Reviewed By: Daniel P.
Review Date: 10/19/2018
Installed in a Marlin 7000. Made the rifle feel more solid and the trigger is a lot more comfortable than the stock trigger. Well worth the money and well made.

Reviewed By: Hans K.
Review Date: 10/16/2018
Bought the Trigger Guard and Trigger Kit last fall and shot a couple thousand rounds since them, what a different to the stock item. First, I hesitated to spend $75 including shipping and handling comparing $25 for the original part. However, I placed my order, parts were delivered on time and according order. Installation was easy and can be done on the kitchen table if necessary. The whole trigger kit is a great improvement from the factory polymer part. The trigger is much smoother because the width of the trigger and the adjustable trigger pull length feature. Highly recommended and a must for your Marlin 795!

Reviewed By: James C.
Review Date: 7/11/2018
Ordered this after finding a crack in my stock plastic trigger guard. I watched a Nutnfancy video on the product and thought I would try it. Well I was amazed at the quality of the new trigger guard and trigger. The instructions provided on this site had me done and put back together with no headaches. The well thought out replacement pins were a snap to put in. My trigger is nice and crisp and I no longer have to worry about cracking another flimsy plastic guard. Highly recommended!

Reviewed By: Ronald P.
Review Date: 6/17/2018
Very nice, but pricey. I broke my original 795 trigger guard when I moved it to a Badger M-22 Bullpup stock and super glue could not hold it together. After seeing glowing reviews from NutNFancy I bought the kit. Two problems. I had the big hex wrench but not the little one. But the bigger problem was that I had to file (and file) the Badger trigger rod connector to get it to fit the slightly larger trigger. But I did it, and I am very, very happy with the result (but poorer).

Reviewed By: LT1Silverhawk
Review Date: 1/6/2018
I must admit I originally scoffed at the idea of spending $65 in parts on a $140 rifle. That was foolish thinking on my part. Once I received the trigger guard and the match trigger and actually held them in my hands, I knew they were worth every penny. If you judge these parts based on quality and craftsmanship - as opposed to money being spent on a cheap rifle - you will also see that they are are definitely worth it. The trigger guard feels hefty, and seems to add some rigidness to the rather flimsy factory stock. The match trigger feels very solid, and much more comfortable compared to the factory part. The installation was easy and straightforward on both. I absolutely love the pins for the trigger, as they have to be screwed in to the DIP trigger guard rather than punched in. I thought that was a fantastic paring of the two. All the more reason to buy both. If you are fine tuning the pre-travel on the trigger, I recommend taking a set of Allen wrenches with you to the range on your first trip. I did initially have a fail-to-reset on my 795 with a particular brand of ammo, but I quickly adjusted the pre-travel right there and then, and its been shooting perfectly ever since. So, when your plastic trigger guard eventually breaks, and you plan on keeping your 795 around for a long time, then please do not hesitate to order this set up. It really is worth every penny, and there is no point in spending half this price on a another plastic replacement that will also eventually break. DIP, thank you for a fantastic product.
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