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M60 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit - Silver - Product Review
Tube Feed Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit
Item: MAR-15084s  In Stock
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: Richard N.
Review Date: 2/29/2020
I think no one will disagree, it's disappointing that Marlin chose to cut corners by using a plastic (yes, plastic !) trigger guard and pot metal trigger on an otherwise fine rifle. However, DIPinc. makes it possible to bring the Marlin 60 up to a level of quality as it should come from the manufacturer by offering this M60 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit. The parts of the kit are all high-quality, well-designed, and have a nice finish. The kit was relatively easy to assemble and install, and the end results - both in quality and appearance, leave no doubt it was the right decision and money well-spent. Two things, however ... First, before you begin the replacement, check to be sure you have a 5/64" allen wrench. It's an unusual size, so don't assume that you do. Second, consider instead purchasing the complete assembled M60 Trigger Guard Kit, Item: MAR-15099-S. It's only $17 more and includes the safety button and associated parts as well as the trigger spring. Another positive is that you could then sell the fully-assembled OEM trigger guard and trigger and recoup some of your money. Plus, if you buy one of the very-well designed DIP Charging Handles (Item: Marlin-15000 Handles) with the complete M60 Trigger Guard Kit, you get Free Shipping ! So, what are you waiting for ?!?

Reviewed By: Malcom P.
Review Date: 2/20/2020
Trigger guard was back ordered, got shipped about a week later came as described. Looks great and the instructions are simple enough. Now I'll see how well I can apply them......

Reviewed By: Brent S.
Review Date: 1/28/2020
Fit and finish are spot on. Highly recommended! The takeup adjustment works great. The screw-in replacement pins are incredibly well designed. Looks outstanding too! If you own a Marlin 60, ditch the plastic crap and go metal. You won't be sorry you did.

Reviewed By: Wanis S.
Review Date: 10/18/2019
came within a couple of days, fits like a glove on the rifle, easy installation (uses screws instead of pegs) and largely adds up to the value of your Marlin 60 rifle. Not only is the original polymer/pot metal trigger group on the Marlin 60 an eyesore and inherent production flaw, but it does not provide the adjustability and the crisp break this aluminum trigger group provides. I have taken a half star off for the price is quite a bit elevated and the installation directions could have used pictures to ensure a better ease of installation for those who are new to simple gun-smithing.

Reviewed By: Gunner A.
Review Date: 9/4/2018
Love it.It makes my Marlin 60 all the better

Reviewed By: Kenny B.
Review Date: 5/4/2018
Cannot express how great this product is. I have a new marlin model 60 which I love, possibly even more than my 10/22. It’s such a classic feeling .22 but the downfall in the new models atleast is the polymer trigger guard. Like many other people, I torqued mine down too tight and it cracked, it still worked but the fitment into the stock just got worse and worse. I take a lot of pride in guns so that poor fitment just ate me alive even though the gun still worked. After the blazing fast shipping (pretty sure it arrived a day after it was shipped) I tore into it and got online to read instructions on how to install. DIP made this installation a breeze! Wow, the threaded pins are amazing. No hammering away trying to push a pin in place, the pin simply slides into place and one end threads into the trigger guard. I wish more companies did it like this. So after i got the trigger and the safety unit and all together in the new trigger guard, I placed it into the stock and was amazed at the fitment of the guard in the stock. Very precise and flush fitting. The quality of the guard and trigger is amazing! It looks so much better than the grayish silver polymer trigger guard that came stock. The wider trigger feels great and while I haven’t had the chance to shoot it or adjust the pre travel, I feel like it will feel so much better than the stock trigger. The whole look of the gun just changed so dramatically for the better. It actually matches the receiver so much better now. If you are thinking of buying this, think no more and just do it. You will not be let down.

Reviewed By: David S.
Review Date: 3/15/2018
This trigger guard and trigger is an outstanding piece of fine machinery. I doubt if Marlin could produce a precision piece such as this. Once you see the precision machining you will understand why it cost what it does. This item at the time was back ordered and I had to wait but it was well worth the wait. AAA+ Thanks DIP, your product enhances the look of my rifle ten fold.

Reviewed By: Paul G.
Review Date: 10/26/2017
I purchase several of these for the Marlin Model 60's and they look better than the original plastic trigger guard and trigger. They operate better allowing for adjustments for trigger travel and it has a trigger stop. I got the wide trigger which allows for enhanced trigger control.

Reviewed By: Carlos A.
Review Date: 10/11/2017
Sounds silly, but I have to say Wow! SOLID product for the thirty year old M60 I inherited from my father. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the Pins screwed into place and blue LocTite was easily added for extra security. Final fit to the old stock was snug, but I was able to knock it flush with the heel of my hand. Day and Night difference. Smooth firing.

Reviewed By: Nicholas B.
Review Date: 9/10/2017
Great kit. Trigger guard is beautiful, the trigger itself feels great, and the adjustment screws work as advertised. But my favorite part about this has to be the screw-in replacement pins. They are delightfully well done, and really highlight the thought and attention to detail in the design. Way easier to work with than a typical solid pin or roll pin, and the ability apply Loctite is a major plus. Fantastic job on this.
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