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Remington | 597 Picatinny Rail - Product Review
Item: REM-12011  In Stock
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Dragonheart
Review Date: 3/9/2012
I purchased the DIP Picatinny Rail Mount for my Remington 597 Heavy Barrel in 22 Magnum. My first concern with this purchase was the height of the mount above the receiver. On some of the thin Weaver style mounts, the mount is so close to the receiver that when the clamps on the scope rings are tightened the lower claw of the ring makes contact with the receiver creating a lifting force that can pull the mount up from the receiver stripping out the mounts screws. Since the receivers in most of these firearms are aluminum the steel mounting screws strip out the holes in the receiver requiring re-drilling and taping the receiver to a larger screw size. The DIP mount does not have this problem as the aluminum mount is of sufficient thickness to sit a good 1/8”+ above the receiver when in place. This is ample clearance to mount any standard scope rings as well as the heavy bar clamping mounts found on many night vision scopes. An unusual feature in this mount is the underside is grooved to slide into the existing dovetail cut into the receiver on this rifle. As far as installation be sure and lube both the dovetail and the mount before attempting installation. The black painted surface on my receiver was thick and the mount had to be driven in place using a small hammer and a block of wood so as not to scar the mount. It was so tight once in place that the screws were hardly needed, but I used a drop of thread locker to set the screws as instructed. Once installed this mount is rock solid like it is part of the receiver and creates a clean custom look. I can recommend this mount without reservation.
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