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Savage | MKII Receiver Bottom Metal Action Screw "Kit" for wood stocks - Product Review
Item: SAV-13030  In Stock
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Reviewed By: Edward H.
Review Date: 10/12/2023
This is an absolute must for your Savage. Factory needs to take notice and install these on all of their guns. I have four of these bottom metal kits on my guns and consider them a MUST! DIP has super fast shipping and top quality products.

Reviewed By: Edward H.
Review Date: 8/19/2023
I have bought two of these kits and I can say they are top quality. I will recommend this to everyone with a mark II. A++++

Reviewed By: Victor M.
Review Date: 10/6/2022
Just received my bottom metal kit. Very nice upgrade and I love the bolts/screw are torx, nice little upgrade also. I have them torqued to 15 IP per Savages specs (I couldn’t tighten them that much with the factory bottom metal). I’ll be going to see how she shoots soon. Great product ????

Reviewed By: Ryan H.
Review Date: 11/23/2021
This plate is so much thicker than factory, and allows the action screws to actually be torqued and do their job. Factory plate is thin and warps even under OEM torque specs! The included action bolts actually bottomed out before pulling the gun together in my stock/rifle combo, but that likely just my gun/stock combination. I recommend this plate for any savage MKII owners! Savage should have a thicker plate from the factory, but this is a perfect fix!

Reviewed By: James M.
Review Date: 11/12/2021
Well made and more robust than the thin factory piece that easily deforms.

Reviewed By: Randall R.
Review Date: 11/28/2020
Beautiful. To think I hesitated for a second is ridiculous. It changed the extremely poorly fitting bottom metal (clearly not meant for the Boyd stock I bought) and the integrated plastic trigger guard to bottom metal and a nice trigger guard for a really professional finish. And very inexpensive, too, for such a well made and custom fitted item. Just excellent.

Reviewed By: Timothy G.
Review Date: 8/14/2020
I recieved this part today and I am very pleased. My better quality than savage plate that came on gun. I will definitely be ordering all parts from DIP

Reviewed By: Gary F.
Review Date: 7/26/2020
This is an excellent, high quality part that corrects a serious flaw in the MKII rifle. Savage should be ashamed of the OEM bottom metal. This was my first purchase from DIP and I'm impressed with their service, they'll hear from me again.

Reviewed By: Douglas H.
Review Date: 6/10/2020
Great quality and fast shipping, as with everything I've ordered from DIP. My Mark II is the G model (wood stock). The first time I tightened down the action screws the thin factory bottom plate began to deform. This plate is nice and thick and makes me feel a lot better about getting consistent torque when assembling my rifle. For whatever reason, my screws were the same length already, so now I have spares.

Reviewed By: Steven S.
Review Date: 5/31/2020
Good fit and finish, protrudes just a bit from the stock. The rifle seems to shoot better than ever now. Can't complain about that!
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