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M60 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit - Silver

Tube Feed Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit
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  Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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NEW for the Marlin *M60 series tube feed rifles. CNC'ed from 6061 billet and then anodized for a fantastic looking finish. Easy to install with the on-line instructions. Includes a threaded pin kit designed just for the Marlin 60 series to make the safety swap from your broken plastic Marlin 60 trigger guard a breeze. Fits Marlin model 60 and similar tube feed models with the plastic trigger guard**.

New target style aluminum trigger blade is a full 3/8" wide and fits nicely into the DIP, Inc trigger guards. The adjustable screw allows you to remove almost 100% of the disconnector pre-travel. These NEW triggers will set the standard for performance on semi-auto DIP, Inc Marlin based trigger guards. They can also be installed in a factory trigger group with some work. Gone are the nasty factory serrated triggers!

The "Kit" comes with the Marlin semi-auto tube feed type "Trigger Guard"(item 15001s) and the DIP "Wide" silver aluminum trigger(item 15018s). 

Kit Includes:
1 - trigger guard
1 - 3/8" wide trigger
1 - Safety pin
1 - trigger pivot pin
1 - trigger limit pin
2 - set screws

Tools needed:
1/16" Punch
Small flat blade screw driver
1/16" Allen wrench
5/64" Allen wrench
Purple Thread Locker (1)

*When upgrading from a factory aluminum trigger guard to a newer stock you may need to replace the safety with one from a plastic trigger guard

**Works with or without the Last Shot Hold Open(LSHO) lever

Note: Marlin may or may not appear on the trigger guard

(1) Recommended but not required. You only need Thread Locker if it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Do NOT substitute any other color adhesive.

  • Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Richard N. Review Date: 2/29/2020 Comments: I think no one will disagree, it's disappointing that Marlin chose to cut corners by using a plastic (yes, plastic !) trigger guard and pot metal trigger on an otherwise fine rifle. However, DIPinc. makes it possible to bring the Marlin 60 up to a level ...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Malcom P. Review Date: 2/20/2020 Comments: Trigger guard was back ordered, got shipped about a week later came as described. Looks great and the instructions are simple enough. Now I'll see how well I can apply them......
Rating: Reviewed By: Brent S. Review Date: 1/28/2020 Comments: Fit and finish are spot on. Highly recommended! The takeup adjustment works great. The screw-in replacement pins are incredibly well designed. Looks outstanding too! If you own a Marlin 60, ditch the plastic crap and go metal. You won't be sorry you did.
Rating: Reviewed By: Wanis S. Review Date: 10/18/2019 Comments: came within a couple of days, fits like a glove on the rifle, easy installation (uses screws instead of pegs) and largely adds up to the value of your Marlin 60 rifle. Not only is the original polymer/pot metal trigger group on the Marlin 60 an eyesore an...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Gunner A. Review Date: 9/4/2018 Comments: Love it.It makes my Marlin 60 all the better Read All Reviews