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M60 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit - Silver - Product Review
Tube Feed Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit
Item: MAR-15085  In Stock
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Richard N.
Review Date: 2/29/2020
I think no one will disagree, it's disappointing that Marlin chose to cut corners by using a plastic (yes, plastic !) trigger guard and pot metal trigger on an otherwise fine rifle. However, DIPinc. makes it possible to bring the Marlin 60 up to a level of quality as it should come from the manufacturer by offering this M60 Trigger Guard & Trigger Kit. The parts of the kit are all high-quality, well-designed, and have a nice finish. The kit was relatively easy to assemble and install, and the end results - both in quality and appearance, leave no doubt it was the right decision and money well-spent. Two things, however ... First, before you begin the replacement, check to be sure you have a 5/64" allen wrench. It's an unusual size, so don't assume that you do. Second, consider instead purchasing the complete assembled M60 Trigger Guard Kit, Item: MAR-15099-S. It's only $17 more and includes the safety button and associated parts as well as the trigger spring. Another positive is that you could then sell the fully-assembled OEM trigger guard and trigger and recoup some of your money. Plus, if you buy one of the very-well designed DIP Charging Handles (Item: Marlin-15000 Handles) with the complete M60 Trigger Guard Kit, you get Free Shipping ! So, what are you waiting for ?!?
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