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Savage | B-Mag | B-Mag(17WSM) Scope Mount - Product Review
Item: SAV-13007  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: DIP, inc
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Elijah S.
Review Date: 9/21/2020
First can I say what a great company. Contacted them by email before I ordered and I got a reply the same day. Immediately placed my order after getting there reply and its apparent that they shipped the item the same day because it was in my mailbox a couple of days later. Why cant all companies conduct business like this. Anyone that knows me knows how I hate ordering things online, because the idea of giving a company my money and having to wait to receive the product doesn't sit well with me. How ever this company makes ordering products online a more pleasant thing to do. Thank you so much for the great experience DIPinc. As far as the rail. The rail is absolutely perfect. It is machined beautifully and the finish is high quality. My favorite thing about this rail is how they laser engraved the savage logo on the inside of the ejection port cut-out. They could have just as easily put their own name there, but instead they decided to keep with the theme of the rifle the rail was going on and put the rifle manufactures name there. That's what I call class. The screws that come with the rail are of quality steel, not that soft stuff that easily strips out like many manufactures include with their product. Heck the factory screws that I took off the receiver to mount this rail are softer than the ones that came with the rail. Only thing I wish is that they made a 20 MOA version of this rail as well. Id like to have both.
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